High Fiber for Your Business

Simplify approval, routing and scheduling processes by replacing inefficient paper-based systems with electronic management. It’s easy to customize solutions for each department and integrate software into any system.


Benefits of Square9 Softworks

  • Automatic delivery.

    Automatically deliver and notify users of required approvals and match them to corresponding purchase orders and packing slips.

  • Track documents.

    Send documents through the proper review cycle before you sign and track, review and approve any changes.

  • Streamline onboarding.

    Streamline new employee documents and process and match applications, I9s and W4s to regulatory compliance.


“I would recommend SmartSearch to any organization or person who wants to save time and avoid frustration managing documents.”

—Susan Griggs, Centerville Town Clerk


Benefits of PlanetPress

  • Automate workflow.

    Automate workflow and document transactions from different users and computers.

  • Reduce paper waste.

    Distribute documents and forms electronically to reduce paper waste.

  • Manage digitally.

    Manage documents digitally to avoid printing hassles.


Benefits of Canon Therefore

  • Find it fast.

    Find your information from any source in any format within seconds.

  • Import automatically.

    Import documents electronically or physically to automatically store and extract information.

  • Store securely.

    Securely store, save and back up emails through automated archiving.

  • Sign electronically.

    Electronically sign and grant permission to sensitive documents.


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