Catch Up and Hold the Mustard

Capture data and information from any source, including paper documents and the internet, organize files into clear categories to make them easy to find and increase productivity with advanced solutions using the latest tools.


Benefits of Nuance

  • Save space.

    Save space by storing documents on your browser or desktop instead of your desk.

  • Capture anywhere.

    Capture and upload documents from scanners, smartphones, desktops and more.

  • Integrate with SAP.

    Integrate software with a SAP management system and send documents to a predesigned workflow.


“Nuance AutoStore greatly simplifies our day-to-day operations as it allows us to find documents in the system quickly and reliably.”

—Silke Panic, Project Manager at Voestalpine Stahl Donawitz GmbH & Co. KG

Benefits of PSIGEN

  • Automatic importing.

    Reduce or altogether eliminate the need to manually import, separate or index documents.

  • Reduce Processes.

    Build classification rules in the middle of a workflow to reduce hours-long processes to under a minute.

  • Simplify your interface.

    Customize and simplify your interface for a user-friendly experience that doesn’t compromise functionality.

  • Sign electronically.

    Electronically sign and grant permission to sensitive documents.


“For me, it’s just easy to learn. It does everything and anything you need, and if it doesn’t yet…it will.”

—Kristel Marquart, Underground Vaults & Storage


Benefits of PlanetPress

  • Automate workflow.

    Automate workflow and document transactions from different users and computers.

  • Reduce waste.

    Distribute documents and forms electronically to reduce paper waste.

  • Digital management.

    Manage documents digitally to avoid printing hassles.


Benefits of Square9 Softworks

  • Archive automatically.

    Archive documents automatically to streamline the workflow process.

  • Automatic organization.

    Process scanned documents, improve image quality and automatically categorize documents by type.

  • Electronic distribution.

    Distribute documents and forms electronically to reduce paper waste.

  • Extract information.

    Extract critical information from your records or search within documents by a key word or phrase.


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